Call for presentations

Date for presentation of papers: from 3-07-2017 to 30-10-2017


The t-Forum and its conferences are all about transfer of knowledge to and within tourism. The intent is to bridge tourism theory and practice (as was the case in the inaugural conference of The t-Forum. This is a call for presentations discussing the whys and hows of tourism knowledge or intelligence mobility in all directions, among all tourism stakeholders/sectors, both public and private.

Industry-Driven Conference Streams are:

  1. Markets
  2. Management
  3. Futures

Examples of presentation topics supporting these streams, singularly or in combination, include:

Accommodation                  Never-ending Shifts in the Hotel Business
Airline Lessons Learned Zigzagging Skies
China                                   Industry’s Views and Questions on Mega Markets
Collaboration                       Destinations and Regional Integration
Cruise Tourism Seascape Vacations Redefined
Cultural Tourism For which Hosts, for which Guests
Distribution Channels Mapping and Canalizing the Field of Tourism
Energy Efficiency Measures; Green Mobility
Glocal Localization and Globalization of Tourism
Innovation New Wines in Old Bottles or Pathbreaking Jumps?
Manpower Tourism Workforce Supply and Talent Management
Mass Tourism Unfolding and Reshaping of Mass Markets
Tourism Product New and Emerging Trends
Positioning Playing in Your Own (global) League
Public  To Guide or to Police
Restaurant What is on the Menu?
Rural Tourism  Equipping Fringe Destinations with Tourism Know-How
Safety Security Issues and Tourism Development
SMEs  Revenue Management Getting Better
Social Media Marketing Tool or a Social Force?
Waste Management The Theory behind the (coming) Practice
Wellness Challenges in Wellness, Health and Medical Tourism

Please submit a +/- 1,000 word abstract or summary of your presentation in which the following points are covered:

  • What makes the subject matter important.
  • Current and/or forthcoming applications of this intelligence within a sector (such as hotel) or in a mixture of tourism operations (such as a destination).
  • Concluding remarks and recommendations.

Submissions, if accepted, will be presented in concurrent “paper” sessions. In addition, proposal for themed “paper” , panel , or workshop sessions are also invited. In the case of “paper” and panel proposals, the chair and four participants are to be named. In the case of workshop proposal, it can be conducted by one or more persons. These proposals are +/- 1,500 words in length. Accepted proposal will be scheduled in 90-minute concurrent slots. 

In the case of free-standing submissions accepted for presentation, each will be scheduled as a 15-minute PowerPoint talk in concurrent “paper” sessions:

  1. The opening slide provides information about the author(s) and their affiliations.
  2. Two minutes on the topic/its importance and methodology. A link to the source where details can be accessed listed at the end of the second slide.
  3. The third and subsequent slides discuss the findings, coupled with practical examples/recommendations and/or cases where these findings have born fruits.
  4. The final slide(s), two minutes, pulls the pieces together, hints to ways forward.

All accepted presentation summaries will be made available on the conference website in advance.

Publications Opportunities

Book. The t-Forum publishes edited volumes on the transfer and management of tourism intelligence. A number of contributions will be featured in t-Forum’s publications.  The selection process favors collaborative contributions co-authored by practitioners and researchers. After the conference, authors will be invited to prepare papers of some 6,000 words for possible inclusion in the t-Forum book, published by Emerald in its Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice series, with their version of 3,000 words in The t-Intelligence Briefs, the official journal of the t-Forum.

PeriodicalThe t-Intelligence Briefs will be the official organ of the t-Forum. The goal/coverage of this periodical is aligned with the visionary mission of the t-Forum:  transfer of intelligence to and within tourism. Its approach is to show how theory can inform and engineer the fields of tourism innovation and practice, and to incubate issues or questions for investigation. This way the seemingly separate fields of theory and practice are poured into a single structuring and structured stream. Preference will be given to short contributions (about 3,000 words) co-authored by stakeholders in tourism.

The t-Forum website.  The t-Forum has a sophisticated website (presently under re-construction) serving its mission and objectives in the transfer of t-Intelligence. This platform facilitates contacts and collaboration among Forum members and broad audiences in tourism theory and practice. Its real-time The t-Intelligence Briefs will publish news and short articles on the generation, dissemination, and application of tourism intelligence, as well as operation-based cases presented at t-Forum conferences

Submission Evaluation Criteria

RelevancyHow relevant the subject is to the global community of tourism theory and practice and to individual practitioners.  What is innovative in the presentation or the communication. How practitioners benefit from this analysis or treatment. If academicians get to know about industry-generated questions for investigation.

FeasibilityWhether the coverage is applicable in the fields of practice. What would be required to use the intelligence in terms of financial, human capital, and institutional/governance frameworks.  What changes are required. What the explicit and implicit costs are. What internal and external benefits are.

LeadershipOn what basis the proposal can be adopted/tried out. Whether these are theoretical or practical considerations, or both. What the previous accumulated experience are. What sort of leadership and governance will be needed for this type  of innovation/implementation.

ClarityWhether the contribution is easy to understand by the intended audiences. Whether the analyses, proposals, and methods are clearlyexplained for non-specialists. Whether the contribution is a well-structured communication?

Bridging academia-industry-government, remapping transfer of intelligence in the tourism landscape

Important dates

  • Submission: Prior to 30 November 2017*
  • Author notification: 15 December 2017
  • Submission of the final version: 15 January 2018
  • Acceptance notification: 01 February 2018

* For those who must secure travel budget in advance, the review process will be rushed for an earlier acceptance date. 
Those who need to apply for entry visas to Spain will be assisted with the process after the conference requirements are met.


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