The Tourism Intelligence Forum (t-Forum) announces its 2018 Global Exchange Conference, to be held in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, from 11-13 March 2018. Organised by the t-Forum, the conference is hosted by its Founding Members and supported by industry/academic sponsors.

The industry-driven topics featured on its program include:   


  • Markets and Trends
    • ​New and Emerging Markets
    • Guest Experience
    • Mass Tourism
    • Medical and Wellness Tourism
    • Solo Travelers
  • ​Management
    • ​Environmental and Green Practices
    • Government and Tourism
    • Gender Inequality
    • Employment and Immigrant Workers
    • Safety and Security
  • Futures
    • ​Sharing Economy
    • Social Media and Big Data
    • Talent Seeking and Keeping
    • Technology and Innovation
    • Unique Selling Points of Destinations


  • Target audience
    Firms, institutions, and agencies involved in the creation and/or application of intelligence to tourism, including hospitality and tourism businesses, destinations, public agencies, science and technology parks, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals, destination managers, public officials, consultants, and academics.

Call for Presentation Summary (link to the call for presentation page/Under construction)