Call for papers

Deadline for submitting oral communications for symposium from 12-02-2017 to 30-09-2017

Poster Topics

1. Climate change and vectors

2. Ecology and behavior of vectors

3. Emerging vector borne diseases and risk assessment

4. Genomics of vectors

5. Global research projects on vectors

6. Remote sensing analysis of vectors and vector-borne diseases

7. Taxonomy, systematic and phylogeny of vectors

8. Vector control

9. Vector-Pathogen interactions

10. Surveillance of vectors and vector-borne diseases


Guidelines for Submission

Abstracts Title: concise, maximum 25 words 

Abstract text - limited to 250 words 

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Presentation / Exhibition of Posters

  • Participants are free to design and layout the posters as they wish.
  • The only requirements refer to the maximum size of the poster: DIN A0 (max width 841 mm/ 33.1 inches and max height 1189 mm and 46.8 inches) 
  • The font size should be readable from a distance of 1 m. 
  • Push-pins for poster mounting will be provided. 
  • Once the conference programme is announced, each poster will be assigned a space in the corresponding poster areas. 
  • It is not possible to print the posters at the conference site. There is an optional service for poster printing and delivery at the conference venue on October 2nd. This service is provided by Impresrapit (; the  contact person is Mr. Chema Milián ( ) phone +34 971 915 191. The  price for 120 gr/m2  normal paper A0 poster is about 30 €. Printing must be paid prior to printing the poster to Impresrapit. 
  • The posters must be placed and removed at the scheduled times
  • At the time of presentation author must be present.

Notification of acceptance: July 31, 2017
The deadline for submitted posters was July 3, 2017
Poster submission is closed







Symposium Topics

1 Molecular Strategies for the Control/Eradication of Mosquito-borne Diseases

2 Old diseases, new diseases and new technology

3 Insecticides and Repellents

4 Role of Arthropod Vector Saliva in the Transmission of Human Pathogens

5 Integrated Vector Management

6 Advances in Ecology of Ticks and their Pathogens

7 Kiss of Death: Triatomines and Trypanosoma cruzi

8 Malaria: Can it be eradicated in the next 20 Years?

9 Student Presentations. Chair: Casey Parker

10 Student Presentations. Chair: Carlos Barceló

11 Taxonomy and phylogeny of mosquitoes

12 Vector Projects in the World

13 Novel Approaches towards species identification of parasitic arthropods

14 Vector control strategies against mosquitoes and biting flies: Attract and kill technologies, barrier treatments and space sprays

15 Focus on Sand flies-Saliva, microbiome and vector competence

16 Global Research on Culicoides Biology and Control


Guidelines for Submission

Abstracts Title: concise, maximum 25 words  

Abstract text - limited to 250 words

Complete the form bellow












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