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The Fundación Universidad-Empresa de las Islas Balears, in collaboration with the Vice-Rectorate for Research, offers assistance in the planning of conventions and academic and scientific events.

This service aims to provide logistic and planning support to organisers of conventions, meetings, seminars and gatherings that take place in connection with the University.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service:

Scientific Secretariat                   

• Receipt and evaluation of works
• Publication of summaries
• Publication of final papers
• Publication of programme
• Organization of virtual conventions


• Accommodation
• Transport
• Meals
• Rental of venues
• Rental of technical equipment
• Simultaneous translation
• Guides
• Conference assistants

Event Publicity

• Creation of advertising material
• Mailings
• Sending of informational newsletters

Financial and Administrative Support

• Management of online registration
• Financial advice
• Assistance in searching for sponsors
• Assistance with government subsidies
• Payment of suppliers and collaborators
• Possibility of sale of additional products


• Accommodation
• Travel
• Personalised attention

Material for Convention Attendants

• Custom briefcases
• Credentials and Certificates
• Promotional gifts



The fees for this service vary depending on the number of attendants and on which services are hired in each individual case. Quotes are drawn up without any contractual obligation.For more information, click here

Our experience enables us to offer added value to your project, in a manner both efficient and effective. We take care of the details so that you only need to concentrate on the content and goals of your project.





Convention Management Application

In order to provide a better service to academic and scientific planners, the General Foundation of the UIB has designed a computer application in the form of a website offering comprehensive assistance with the management of conventions and other planned events.

Content Management System for Each Convention, spanning the entire lifecycle of the event and featuring clear information presented in a dynamic format that can be easily updated. This includes information on the programme, speakers, venues, accommodation, news, etc.

Technical Secretariat System. Management of the basic aspects of the convention’s technical secretariat.

System for Managing Online Registration. Registration will be carried out on the website through an online system of registration and secure payment via a virtual POS.

Scientific Secretariat System. Online system for the receipt, evaluation and multi-user web publication of reports and scientific proposals presented at planned events.




Noteworthy congress
Palma (Mallorca) from 7 to 9 September of 2017
Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition International Conference - GALA 13
I Jornades de Comunicació des de les Administracions Públiques
Calvià (Mallorca) from 16 to 17 November of 2017
I CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL de investigación e innovación en cuidados: Evidencia, Enfermería de Práctica Avanzada y Seguridad Clínica
Research and Innovation in Nursing Care: evidence, advanced practice nursing and clinical safety
Palma (Spain) from 25 to 27 October of 2017
7th International Congress of the Society for Vector Ecology (SOVE)
Palma from 1 to 6 October of 2017
Palma de Mallorca from 25 to 29 June of 2017
Demo UIBCongrés
Palma from 26 to 27 November of 2024
“Xylella fastidiosa: from the global threat to the local situation”
Palma 16 June of 2017
T-Forum Conference
Palma (Spain) from 11 to 14 March of 2018
12è Fòrum de l'Ocupació de la UIB
Palma, from 3 February to 7 March of 2018
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