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Friday 19 September, 2014 10:30 to 11:00 Oral presentation
Low applicatives in the interlanguage of L2 learners of Spanish
Authors: Linda Escobar & Ivan Teomiro

This paper deals with the L2 acquisition of different types of Spanish clitic “se” by English learners of Spanish on the assumption that they have to learn a new functional category corresponding to a low applicative head not present in their L1 language. In this respect, we would like to provide evidence as to the question of whether new functional categories or rather new configurations involving functional projections can be acquired in the process of L2 Acquisition. We present a new experiment based on an online multiple-choice-question questionnaire. In order to look for evidence of age factors, we tested different groups of adult learners at different stages of their L2 acquisition. The subjects of our study are English learners studying Spanish as Second Language.
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