Palma, from 23 to 25 October 2013
Celebrating and Enhancing the Tourism
Knowledge-based Platform: A Tribute to Jafar Jafari

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Thursday 24 October, 2013 12:50 to 13:10 Oral Communication
Multi-sensory tourist experiences
Speaker: Jens K. Steen  Jacobsen, University of Stavanger, Norway

Authors: Jens Kr. Steen Jacobsen

Since the end of the twentieth century, there has been an ocular-centric affinity in tourism research, often related to studies of place images and tourists’ visual sensations. But there is more to travel than sightseeing: travel experiences are not just in the eye of the beholder but also in the ears, palate, nose, hands and feet. Tourist experiences are both corporeal and multisensory. Although vision is a dominant mode of consciousness in the modern world and some 90% of our perceptual intake is visual, this may not indicate an overall significance of eyesight. What one might call polysensualism is a manifestation of the increased emphasis on senses other than vision in travel experiences. Based on personal interviews, the paper will exemplify some underresearched non-visual tourist experiences related to novel themes on the research agenda.
Session 2 – Tourism experiences
Place: Room SB03

Other activities in Session 2 – Tourism experiences
12:30 h. to 12:50 h.Oral Communication

The Tourist Experience: A Conceptual Framework

Speaker: Natalia Tur, Universitat de les Illes Balears
13:10 h. to 13:30 h.Oral Communication

Tourist experience: The mission and customers

Speaker: Francesc Fusté Forné, Escola Universitària Formatic Barna - Universitat de Girona