Palma, from 23 to 25 October 2013
Celebrating and Enhancing the Tourism
Knowledge-based Platform: A Tribute to Jafar Jafari

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Friday 25 October, 2013 15:40 to 16:00 Oral Communication
Sustainable Tourism in Kerala – a role model for other societies in the world?
Speaker: Tatjana Thimm, HTWG Konstanz

Authors: Prof. Dr. Tatjana Thimm

The Indian state Kerala is positioned by Kerala Tourism as a sustainable tourism destination for domestic and foreign markets (cf. Jean-Francois 2011). Indeed sustainable tourism projects take place and are conducted either by NGOs like Kabani or Equations or private companies like The Blue Yonder or CGH Earth. However there are critical voices, expressed e. g. by Kerala Tourism Watch, whether Kerala may serve as a role model for sustainable tourism or whether this is still a far goal to reach. Based on that controversy this contribution evaluates the tourism activities of Kerala regarding sustainable tourism on a multilevel scale: the official tourism strategy, the grassroot activities of NGOs, sustainability standards of private companies, the use of sustainable tourism labels and training activities eg. by the Kerala Institute for Tourism and Travel Studies (KITTS) and the involvement of communities. All three dimensions of sustainability i. e. economy, ecology and social issues are examined.
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Session 7- Destination development and management (1)
Place: Main Room

Other activities in Session 7- Destination development and management (1)
15:00 h. to 15:20 h.Oral Communication

Governance and political economy in rural tourism development in China

Speaker: Yi Wang, University of Nottingham Ningbo
15:20 h. to 15:40 h.Oral Communication

The Role of Tourism in the Rescue of Economically Marginal Traditional Agricultural Systems

Speaker: Kazem Vafadari, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University