Palma, from 23 to 25 October 2013
Celebrating and Enhancing the Tourism
Knowledge-based Platform: A Tribute to Jafar Jafari

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The call for abstracts is closed


We kindly invite researchers to present papers that revisit, analyse and expand the legacy of Jafar Jafari in the fields of tourism paradigms, tourism research frontiers and tourism education.

Themes of this seminar are:

1) Tourism paradigms

This theme focuses on the being of tourism, it discusses to what extent is tourism knowledge possible and how tourism knowledge is acquired.

Developments in the scientific body of knowledge
Disciplinarity and postdisciplinarity
Methodological innovation and development
Limits and challenges of tourism research
New emerging paradigms
Systemic and holistic understandings of tourism
Contradictions and fragmentation in tourism research
The constitution of touristhood
Defining and conceptualizing tourism and the tourist

2) Tourism research frontiers

This theme deals with the expansion of frontiers of knowledge in tourism.

The role of tourism in society and in the world
The role of research journals
Development of novel theoretical constructs
Ethics and tourism
New disciplinary views
Developments in research communities and scholarly groups
Bright future ahead? Institutional recognition of the value of tourism research
New research agendas

3) Tourism education 

This theme deals with three main questions: What are tourism students being educated for? How should we design tourism education? What types of careers can students have after graduation?

Curriculum development
Alternative disciplinary approaches to the study of tourism
Theoretical concepts in tourism education
Cross-disciplinarity, multi-disciplinarity, inter-disciplinarity and trans-disciplinarity
Pedagogical innovation
The challenges of institutional rigidity
Tourism education in the developing world
The tourismification of the industry

Papers are welcomed within any of the themes of the seminar. Selected papers will be considered for publication in a volume of the Tourism Social Science Series of Emerald.

Submission of abstracts

Abstracts should be submitted following the online system below. The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

Abstracts should be between 500 and 750 words. They should include: aims, methodology, key arguments/ findings.  Please indicate the theme within which you wish your paper to be included.
All accepted abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings.

Publishing Opportunities – Full paper submission

We are delighted to announce that the Tourism Social Science Series of Emerald has approved a three volume set to be published out of the papers presented during this tribute. Selected papers of the seminar will be considered for publication in one of the following three volumes:

Volume 1: Tourism Research Paradigms. Ana María Munar and Tazim Jamal (Eds.)

Volume 2: Tourism Research Frontiers. Donna Chambers and Tijana Rakić (Eds.)

Volume 3: Tourism Education. Pauline Sheldon and Cathy Hsu (Eds.)

The deadline of submission for full papers to be considered for publication in one of the volumes is 15th September 2013. Papers should be submitted by sending an email to Ana María Munar and Vicente Ramos

Please make sure that the submitted paper complies with the style guidelines of the Tourism Social Science Series (the style guidelines can be downloaded HERE).


Deadline for submission of abstract 1st May 2013
Confirmation of paper acceptance 15th June 2013
Optional submission of full paper 15th September 2013

The submission of abstract requires that at least one author attends the seminar to present the paper.

For questions regarding this call for papers, please contact Dr. Vicente Ramos, Associate Professor, University of the Balearic Islands,