Palma (Mallorca) from 9 to 20 December 2013
Strengthening Family Strategy

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On line International Conference on  Strengthening Family Strategy 2013


This international conference is the result of years of hard work by several organizations working with the Strengthening Families Approach. For this edition we have decided to prepare a virtual conference, where professionals and organizations around Europe and America, can share their different experience on research including difficulties and suggestions for the debate.

This conference is an opportunity to improve the intervention on the Strengthening Families Approach and also is a way to make visible research groups and organizations.


  • Facilitate an open forum for the debate “intervention and strategies on the Strengthening Families Approach”.
  • Present their research or longitudinal studies on the Strengthening Families Approach.
  • Share knowledge about the best practices strategies on Strengthening Families Approach.


  • Cultural Sensitivity and Adaptation in Family-Based Prevention Interventions.
  • A Strengthening Family Strategy for Education, Social Services and Health Services.
  • Strengthening Family Interventions: Evidence-Based Practices. Efficacy and Effectiveness.
  • Family Strengthening Interventions.Lontigudinal Studies.
  • Specialists on intervention and research working with families.
  • Professionals working on social services, health and education who are interested in improving their skills.

An Online platform, was created exclusively for this conference, and managed by GIFES (the research group of the University of the Balearic Islands). 



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