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Friday 14 October, 2016 Poster
D2-44 Industrial integration of mid-temperature solar heat – first experiences and measurement results
Speaker: Alois Resch, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Authors: Resch Alois.; K. R.

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D2-Poster Session 1.3 - Solar Heat for Industrial Processes / Testing & Certification
Place: Hotel Palas Atenea - Room Hermes

Other activities in D2-Poster Session 1.3 - Solar Heat for Industrial Processes / Testing & Certification

D2-36 Integration of rankine cycle, desulphurization unit, with solar central receiver system

Speaker: Jurij Avsec, University of Maribor

D2-37 Thermodynamic and transport properties for fluids and solids participating in CuCl and solar production processes

Speaker: Jurij Avsec, University of Maribor

D2-38 Solar thermal energy use in lead-acid batteries recycling industry: a preliminary assessment of the potential in Spain and Chile

Speaker: Elisa Alonso Romero, University of Antofagasta

D2-68 Para-rubber sheet drying with the combined sources of solar energy and solar pond

Speaker: Sura Tundee, Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Khon Kaen Campus

D2-39 Analysis of results of a parabolic concentrator's pipe receiver to heat air for drying process of black tea in cusco, peru

Speaker: Sandra Vergara, Pontificia Universidad católica del Perú

D2-40Direct radiation measurements for the evaluation of process heat systems with concentrating solar thermal collectors

Speaker: Mercedes Hannelore Rittmann-Frank, SPF Institute for Solartechnology, HSR

D2-41 Technical-economic optimization for solar thermal systems using dynamic simulations

Speaker: Ignacio Ramiro Martín Domínguez, CIMAV unidad Durango

D2-42 Solar Heat in Industrial Processes - Integration of Parabolic Trough Solar Collectors in Dairy Plants and Pharmaceutical Plants

Speaker: Hassan Al-Hasnawi, Absolicon Solar Collector AB

D2-43 Yield Analysis of a Power Plant with Parabolic-Trough Collectors and Direct Steam Generation (DSG) using a Quasi-Dynamic Simulation Model in TRNSYS

Speaker: Mario Biencinto, CIEMAT

D2-45 Technical assessment of a concentrating solar thermal system for industrial process steam

Speaker: Panagiotis Tsekouras, CRES

D2-46 Solar supported production of expanded polystyrene with high efficiency flat plate collectors

Speaker: Elisabeth Schneider, ISFH GmbH

D2-47 Modeling and simulation of a heat generation system for a Multi-Effect Desalination plant based on solar flat-plate collectors

Speaker: Manuel Pérez-García, CIESOL-University of Almeria, Staff Reseracher

D2-50 Competitive Assessment between Solar Thermal and Photovoltaics for Industrial Process Heat Generation

Speaker: Steven Meyers, University Kassel

D2-48 Potential Enhancement of Solar Process Heat by Emerging Technologies

Speaker: Jürgen Fluch, AEE INTEC

D2-49 Recommendations for the reduction of failures during the planning and installation phases of solar thermal process heat systems

Speaker: Dominik Ritter, Kassel University

D2-51 Influence of the input parameters accuracy defined in the standard iso 9459-5 for a domestic water heating thermosiphon

Speaker: María Vicenta Guisado, CENER

D2-52 Assessment of elastomeric components of a solar thermal collector

Speaker: Maria João Carvalho, Laboratorio Nacional de Energia e Geologia

D2-53 A comparison study of solar thermal collector performance in the tropics

Speaker: MD Arifeen Wahed, NUS, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore

D2-54 Architectural fluid flow glazing facades ready for the world - inside InDeWaG

Speaker: Karl-Anders Weiss, Fraunhofer ISE





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