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Friday 14 October, 2016 Poster
D2-05 Optimization methods for Optimal Power Flow in Microgrid non-autonomous mode
Speaker: Manuel Pérez-García, CIESOL-University of Almeria, Staff Reseracher

Authors: Polaco-Vasquez L.; Carreño-Meneses C.A.; Pizano-Martínez A.; López-Redondo J.; Pérez-García M.; Álvarez Hervás J.D.

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Submited paper (252 KB)

D2-Poster Session 1.1 - PV and PVT Systems for Buildings and Industry / Solar Architecture and Net Zero Energy Buildings
Place: Hotel Palas Atenea - Room Acrópolis

Other activities in D2-Poster Session 1.1 - PV and PVT Systems for Buildings and Industry / Solar Architecture and Net Zero Energy Buildings

D2-01 Thermal behavior of photovoltaic-thermal hybrid collector

Speaker: Hiro Yoshida, Kanagawa Institute of Technology

D2-02 Forecasting models for an intelligent use of renewable energy based on the prediction of PV energy

Speaker: Alexander-Nicolai Köhler, University of Applied Sciences Fulda

D2-03 Horticultural crop production in plant factories with translucent solar cells and improvement of crops’ marketability via supplementary monochromatic lighting

Speaker: Akira Horibata, Kindai University

D2-04 Solar PV for swedish prosumers – a comprehensive techno-economic analysis

Speaker: Nelson Sommerfeldt, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

D2-69 Effect Of Ambient Conditions On Monthly Performances Of Three Different PV Arrays

Speaker: Talat Ozden, The Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications (GÜNAM) / METU

D2-06 Heat Pump System Performance with PV System Adapted Control

Speaker: Tomas Matuska, Czech Technical University in Prague

D2-70 Pressure drop in parallel flow flat-plate PVT collectors

Speaker: Esteban Iglesias Manriquez, DualSun

D2-07 Effect of the phase change material’s melting point on the thermal behavior of a concentrated photovoltaic system in tropical dry climate

Speaker: Jawad Sarwar, Texas A&M University at Qatar

D2-08 Holographic photovoltaic-thermal module for window louvre integration: Design and simulation

Speaker: Daniel Chemisana, University of Lleida
Speaker: Julia Marin, Universitat de Lleida

D2-10 Estimation of electricity production for a photovoltaic park using specialized advanced software

Speaker: Alexandru Diaconu, University Politehnica of Bucharest

D2-11 Performance and heat transfer analysis of unglazed photovoltaic-thermal collectors with detachable compound

Speaker: Steffen Broetje, ISFH GmbH

D2-09 Simulation, validation and analysis of shading effects on a PV system

Speaker: Sara Gallardo Saavedra, University of Gavle

D2-13 Research of application of renewable energy sources and energy saving technologies in residence houses construction in the central part of russia

Speaker: Sergey Karabanov, Ryazan

D2-14 Study of passive solar house solar-SB

Speaker: Valeriy Knyazhev, Institute of Marine Technology Problems FEB RAS

D2-15 Towards a nearly zero-emissions dwelling in Majorca

Speaker: Andreu Moià Pol, Chair Organizing Committee. UIB

D2-16 Zero Net Energy Communities and the Impacts to the Grid

Speaker: Heidi von Korff, Stanford University

D2-17 The electronic structure and optical transitions in the hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites

Speaker: Pavel  Gladyshev, Dubna State University

D2-12 Characteristics experimental of photovoltaic module in tropical climate

Speaker: Istvan Farkas, Szent Istvan University





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