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Friday 14 October, 2016 Poster
D1-54 Erosion experimental system design and experimental research of high temperature molten salt
Speaker: Fan Yao, The State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Flow in Power Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Authors: Fan Yao; Qincheng Bi

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Submited paper (164 KB)

D1-Poster Session 1.4 - Solar Resources and Energy Metereology / Testing & Certification
Place: Hotel Palas Atenea - Room Plutón

Other activities in D1-Poster Session 1.4 - Solar Resources and Energy Metereology / Testing & Certification

D1-47 Analysis of measured and modeled solar radiation at the taars solar heating plant in denmark

Speaker: Zhiyong Tian, Techinical University of Denmark

D1-48 Estimation of diffuse component for two locations in Turkey

Speaker: Abdullah Bugrahan Karaveli, Middle East Technical University

D1-49 Influence of air pollutants on spectral bands from ultraviolet to visible solar radiation

Speaker: Marie Opálková, University of Ostrava

D1-50 Estimation of global solar radiation from air temperature using artificial neural networks based on reservoir computing

Speaker: Miquel L. Alomar, University of the Balearic Islands

D1-51 On the linear relationhip between daily relative sunshine duration and daily mean cloud cover

Speaker: Heinrich Morf

D1-52 Modelling water vapor impact on the solar energy reaching the receiver of a solar tower plant by means of artificial neural networks

Speaker: Gabriel López Rodríguez, Universidad de Huelva

D1-53 Can photovoltaics be used to predict the weather?

Speaker: Alexandros Charalambides, Cyprus University of Technology

D1-55 Conceptual Design of a Solar Energy Driven Photocatalytic Reactor for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Speaker: Anca Duta, Transilvania University of Brasov

D1-56 Global aging and lifetime prediction of polymeric materials for solar thermal systems – part 1: polypropylene absorbers for pumped systems

Speaker: Michael Karl Grabmann, Johannes Kepler University of Linz





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