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Friday 14 October, 2016 11:30 to 11:45 Oral presentation
Combined solar PV/thermal ground source heat pump systems for european multi-family houses
Speaker: Nelson Sommerfeldt, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Authors: Sommerfeldt, N; Madani, H

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Submited paper (56 KB)

D3-Oral 1.2 - PV and PVT Systems for Buildings and Industry
Place: Hotel Palas Atenea - Room Hermes

Other activities in D3-Oral 1.2 - PV and PVT Systems for Buildings and Industry
11:15 h. to 11:30 h.Oral presentation

Control algorithms for PV and Heat Pump system utilizing thermal and electrical storage

Speaker: Emmanouil  Psimopoulos, Högskolan Dalarna
11:45 h. to 12:00 h.Oral presentation

Fine-tuning of multi-junction solar cells: A theoretical assessment

Speaker: Daniel Chemisana, University of Lleida
Speaker: Alberto Riverola, Universitat de Lleida
11:00 h. to 11:15 h.Oral presentation

Impact of the strategies for levels of PV fraction in hybrid power plants

Speaker: Maria  Anzizu, Trama Tecnoambiental





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