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Thursday 13 October, 2016 18:45 to 19:00 Oral presentation
Energy characterization and optimization of new heat recovery configurations in hybrid pvt systems
Speaker: Maria Herrando, Fundacion CIRCE

Authors: Herrando, M.; Guarracino, I.; del Amo, A.; Zabalza, I.; Markides, C.N.

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Submited paper (65 KB)

D2-Oral 3.1 - PV and PVT Systems for Buildings and Industry
Place: Hotel Palas Atenea - Room Acrópolis

Other activities in D2-Oral 3.1 - PV and PVT Systems for Buildings and Industry
17:45 h. to 18:00 h.Oral presentation

Concepts for electrical and thermal energy autonomy of temporary settlements by using mobile deployable PV and solar thermal unitsConcepts for electrical and thermal energy autonomy of temporary settl

Speaker: Mircea Neagoe, Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov
17:30 h. to 17:45 h.Oral presentation

Design options for uncovered glass-glass photovoltaic-thermal panels

Speaker: Federico Giovannetti, ISFH GmbH
18:00 h. to 18:15 h.Oral presentation

Energy efficiency and performance evaluation of hybrid photovoltaic system for fan-pad of greenhouses

Speaker: Eduardo  Ríos Urbán, Universidad Autónoma Chapingo
18:30 h. to 18:45 h.Oral presentation

Mid-term photovoltaic plant power generation forecast model using a time delayed artificial neural networks: application for a grid-connected PV plant at Balearic islands, Spain

Speaker: Vicente Canals, Universitat de les Illes Balears
18:15 h. to 18:30 h.Oral presentation

Using Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic + Combined Heat and Power Systems (PV+CHP) to Enable Industrial Scale Indoor Plant Cultivation: a feasibility study

Speaker: Marco Hernandez Velasco, Dalarna University





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