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Wednesday 12 October, 2016 11:30 to 11:45 Oral presentation
Influence of maritime/industrial atmosphere on solar thermal collector’s degradation
Speaker: Maria João Carvalho, Laboratorio Nacional de Energia e Geologia

Authors: M. J. Carvalho; N. Mexa; S. Páscoa; R. Gonçalves; T. C. Diamantino

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Submited paper (104 KB)

D1-Oral 1.2 - Solar Thermal Collectors and Solar Loop Components
Place: Hotel Palas Atenea - Room Urano

Other activities in D1-Oral 1.2 - Solar Thermal Collectors and Solar Loop Components
11:00 h. to 11:15 h.Oral presentation

Optimised Prototype of a Novel Trapeze Solar-thermal Collector for Facades Integration

Speaker: Ion Visa, Transilvania University of Brasov
11:15 h. to 11:30 h.Oral presentation

Experimental and CFD investigations on full volumetric flow to a solar flat plate-glass collector

Speaker: Pascal Leibbrandt, Hochschule Nordhausen
11:45 h. to 12:00 h.Oral presentation

Thermal simulation and efficiency of a hermetically sealed flat plate collector with a fully adhesive edge bond

Speaker: Hermann Riess, InES / DMU





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