Solar Thermal Tour. Bus 1 

11:00-12:00. University Hospital “Son Espases” with a surface of 172.000 sqm and 816 beds. Built in 2010. The buildihng has the largest Solar Thermal Plant in the Islands with 365 Vacuum tube collectors, with total surface area of 1.029,30 m2 , covering the 70% of the hot water demand. The hospital has as well a 640 PV panels of 260 Wp, with a total power of 166,40 KWp.


12:30 – 13:30 UIB – “Parc Bit”. The largest District Heating & Cooling Plant of the Balearic Island's. With 850 m2 of solar thermal panels, biomass and CHP.

  • Since 1999 the trigeneration plant in Par Bit provides electricity, hot and cold water to the Park Bit itself and five buildings of the UIB (University of Balearic Islands). The hot water is generated in two CHP engines (1,460kWe and 1,115kWt each engine), with the support of one biomass boiler (1 MWt), solar thermal panels and one fuel boiler (2 MWt) hot water part is distributed to the district network and some is used for the cold water generation. The energy is distributed through a four pipes 3G District Heating and Cooling network, this network consists of four tubes network with four independent sector distributions.

13:30-14:30. Visit UIB facilities. With a visit of a new Solar System with Heat Pump (200 m2 and new storage Tanks). (since 1998 and recently improved)

  • Lunch:  included in the tour
  • Transfer back to meeting point. 



Renewable Electricity Tour. Bus 2

TIRME and SON REUS. 11:00 – 14:00

Visit the biggest waste urban solid of the Balearic Islands ( in operation-since 1993): with two incineration plants ( about 20 MW each), a biogas plant 1 MW and a 100 kWp photovoltaic roof, wind turbines and other facilities (including the Power Station of 300 MW with gas turbines)

  • Lunch: included in the tour
  • Transfer back to meeting point. 





University of Stuttgart
Research and Testing Centre
for Thermal Solar Systems (TZS)