Become a Sponsor at EUROSUN 2016!
11th ISES EuroSun Conference
International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry 2016

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Sponsoring Prospectus

The International Solar Energy Society (ISES), Asociación Española de Energía Solar (AEDES) and the University of the Balearic Islands are pleased to invite you to be a sponsor of the 2016 edition of EuroSun, the ISES European solar energy congress.
The International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry 2016, will take place in Palma de Mallorca, Spain on October 11-14, 2016.
Over 400 participants are expected to attend this key event for the Solar Energy Industry, Buildings designers and the research community. Our marketing activities will reach over 10,000 contacts from ISES, AEDES and other local renewable association and partners.
Becoming a sponsor of EuroSun 2016 highlights your company’s contributions to solar energy solutions and confirms your presence as a leader in the field.
EuroSun 2016 provides excellent opportunities to strengthen and develop business relationships with clients and colleagues. Sponsors will be highly visible before, during and after the conference, on the conference website and on promotional material.
Thermal demands in buildings and industrial processes account for one of the largest energy consumptions worldwide. Solar energy, in any of its forms, must play a key role in the future energy supply.
Solar architecture, Photovoltaics (PV) and Solar thermal will be necessary for the construction of net zero energy buildings, the operation of solar district heating networks or the generalized use of solar energy for industrial processes, all of which are now regarded as promising options under different phases of development.

EuroSun 2016 will be a unique platform to discuss the latest developments with leading solar energy specialists as well as policy makers and industry representatives. The congress will host topic sessions, keynote speakers, plenary sessions and open discussion sessions, as well as social events. You will have the opportunity to network, to meet old friends and to make new contacts all in the unique environment, which Mallorca offers to its visitors.
Conference Topics
Architecture and Net Zero Energy Buildings
Solar Heat for Industrial Processes
Thermal Storage
Solar Thermal Systems: Domestic Hot Water, Space Heating and Cooling
Solar Assisted District Heating and Cooling and Large Scale Applications
Testing and Certification
Solar Thermal Collectors and Solar Loop Components
PV and PVT Systems for Buildings and Industry
Solar Resources and Energy Meteorology
Solar Education
Renewable Energy Strategies and Policies
A variety of sponsorship opportunities are offered to help you find the most effective manner to connect with our attendees and your target group. Different sponsorship packages will fit many budgets and allow you to:
Emphasize your position as a market leader and increase brand recognition
Make direct personal contact with key target groups
Communicate with an international audience and find global opportunities for solar energy
Connect with outstanding young scientists and future leaders in the field
Overview Sponsorship Categories
*VAT / Tax if aplicable
*The sponsorship packages do not include production costs for any promotional materials (roll-up banners, Printing, give-aways, displays, etc)
Social Events
The requirements and ideas for sponsorship are as manifold as the individual companies in the EUROSUN sector! While some prioritize being represented in a conference booth, others prefer to present themselves in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere during breaks or social events.

Welcome Reception (limited to one sponsor) 1.500 €
       Display and/or presentation during the welcome reception.
  Set up a booth or retractable banner.
  Distribute brochures, flyers and give-aways.
  Logo displayed in the printed program next to the Welcome Reception announcement.
  Logo displayed on the conference website together with the Welcome Reception announcement.
Coffee Breaks One day 1.500 € - Three days 3.000 €
Display during two coffee breaks per day, for example with a retractable banner, distribution of flyers, giveaways and/or printed napkins.
Cocktail, Young ISES Event (limited to one sponsor) 1.600 €
Display at the first cocktail reception, for example with a retractable banner, distribution of flyers and/or giveaways.
  Logo displayed in the printed program next to the Cocktail announcement.
Lunch One day 2.000 € - Three days 4.000 €
Display at the conference lunch, for example with a retractable banner, distribution of flyers and/or giveaways.
  Logo displayed in the printed program next to the Conference Lunch announcement.
  Logo printed on the menu cards on each table.
Dinner (limited to one sponsor) 2.800 €
Display at the conference dinner, for example with a retractable banner, distribution of flyers and/or giveaways.
  Logo in the printed program next to the Conference Dinner announcement.
  Logo on the menu cards on each table.
  One complimentary conference ticket including conference dinner.
Seven minutes video interview  400 €
         The EuroSun 2016 video team will organize a time that suits you to hold the sponsored video interview during
the conference,  and to discuss any topics you would like to highlight. The package includes one video
interview up to 7 minutes long, with your organizations website link in the description.
Further information following this link.


Conference venue
The 11th ISES EuroSun Conference will take place at the Hotel Palas Atenea.
For one week, Palma de Mallorca will be the hot spot for solar research and business discussions with many side events, projects and expert meetings before, during and after the congress.
Paseo Ingeniero Gabriel Roca, 29 Mallorca - Palma, SPAIN.
Exhibition Floorplan
The three rooms have natural light and feature modern and elegant decor
Organizing Committee:
Chair Dr.Andreu Moià Pol
Co-chair Dr. Ramon Pujol Nadal
For up to date information please visit our web:
Conference of:
ISES International Solar Energy Society.
Wiesentalstr. 50, 79115 Freiburg, Germany +49 761 45 906 50
AEDES Asociación Español de Energia Solar
Universitat de les Illes Balears.
Cra. de Valldemossa, km 7.5. Palma (Illes Balears). E-07122
Sponsorship Contact:
UIBCongrés, Fundació Universitat Empresa de les Illes Balears.
Carrer Miquel dels Sants Oliver, n 2, 2n. 07122. Palma (Illes Balears). Spain.

A Brokerage Event will take place in the scope of EuroSun2016, under the framework of
Enterprise Europe Network







University of Stuttgart
Research and Testing Centre
for Thermal Solar Systems (TZS)