Programa general

6  julio 2011

Entrega de documentación
08:30 h. a 09:00 h.Entrega de documentación

Sesión de apertura
09:30 h. a 10:00 h.Acto de inauguración

Conferencia Plenaria y Conferencia SEPEX:
10:00 h. a 11:00 h.Sesión plenaria

Speech perception in bilingual contexts
11:00 h. a 11:30 h.Pausa café

Simposium SEPEX "Hearing, Speech and Music"
Chair:, Luís E. López - Bascuas
11:30 h. a 11:50 h.Simposio

The role of expectation and probabilistic learning in auditory boundary perception.
11:50 h. a 12:10 h.Simposio

Early perception of the sound pattern of the native language: comparative data from full term and preterm infants.
12:10 h. a 12:30 h.Simposio

The effect of training in the learning of Spanish accentual contrasts by French speakers.
12:30 h. a 12:50 h.Simposio

Can we just hear speech or must we understand it?

Sesión de pósters
13:00 h. a 13:45 h.Póster

Pausa comida
13:45 h. a 15:15 h.Pausa comida

Comunicaciones Libres I
15:15 h. a 15:35 h.Comunicación Oral

Co-evolution of hearing and speech in the Genus Homo: The acoustic effect of air sacs on vocalizations and the consequences of their disappearance.
15:35 h. a 15:55 h.Comunicación Oral

A study on the detection of car horn sounds
15:51 h. a 16:15 h.Comunicación Oral

Testing dichromats vision simulations: Comparing real and simulated dichromats behavior
16:15 h. a 16:35 h.Comunicación Oral

The relationship of primary visual cortex volume to illusory size perception in anthropoid primates.
16:45 h. a 17:15 h.Pausa café

Simposium "Perception and Action"
Chair:, David Travieso
17:00 h. a 17:20 h.Simposio

Active exploration with a haptic Sensory Substitution Device.
17:20 h. a 17:40 h.Simposio

The premotor ventral cortex on decision, choice and evaluation of behavioral outcomes.
17:40 h. a 17:55 h.Simposio

Dealing with targets and obstacles in a dynamic environment.
17:55 h. a 18:15 h.Simposio

The haptic horizontal-vertical curvature illusion across lifespan.

Recepción Castell de Bellver
Lugar Castillo de Bellver
19:00 h. a 19:45 h.Traslado

Traslado en autobús desde el campus UIB hasta el castillo.Traslado de los participantes en autobús desde el campus UIB hasta el castillo.
20:00 h. a 22:00 h.Recepción

22:00 h. a 22:30 h.Traslado

Traslado desde el castillo hasta los hoteles (3 paradas):
1ª: Hotel Armadams y Hotel Mirador
2ª: Hotel Jaime III
3ª: Hotel Trip Palma

7  julio 2011

Comunicaciones Libres II
09:30 h. a 09:50 h.Comunicación Oral

Perceiving and Avoiding Collisions Across Species: How many Mechanisms are Intrinsically Requisite?
09:50 h. a 10:10 h.Comunicación Oral

Reduction of spatial (but not temporal) uncertainty explains the initiation of hitting movements
10:10 h. a 10:30 h.Conferencia Invitada

The role of motor action in a temporal order judgments task
10:45 h. a 11:15 h.Pausa café

Sesión Plenaria
11:15 h. a 12:15 h.Sesión plenaria

What do apes see in a picture?

Simposium “Motion in vision”
Chair:, Joan López- Moliner
12:15 h. a 12:35 h.Simposio

Global and local motion and the localization of moving objects: a tip to fool a goalkeeper.
12:35 h. a 12:55 h.Simposio

Motion influences Time.
12:55 h. a 13:15 h.Simposio

Psychophysical evidence for spatial anisotropy of the center-surround antagonism in motion discrimination.
13:15 h. a 13:35 h.Simposio

Motion in depth: audiovisual synchrony perception of walkers as a function of distance and depth cues.

Pausa comida
13:45 h. a 15:15 h.Pausa comida

Simposium “Colour Perception and Cognition: Basic Research and Applications”
Chairs: , Julio Lillo and Sérgio Nascimiento
15:15 h. a 15:35 h.Simposio

Aged people do not use BCTs (Basic Colour Terms) as predicted by the phototoxic hypothesis but shows evidence of a Von Kries type mechanism.
15:35 h. a 15:55 h.Simposio

Newly learned category effects are based on post-perceptual processes.
15:55 h. a 16:15 h.Simposio

What is the best lighting spectrum to make colours appear natural?
16:15 h. a 16:35 h.Simposio

ATTD10: A new multistage colour vision model.
16:35 h. a 17:15 h.Pausa café

Sesión Plenaria.
17:15 h. a 18:15 h.Sesión plenaria

What do visual illusions tell us about vision?

Cena de Gala
Lugar Restaurante Sa Cranca
21:00 h. a 23:00 h.Cena

8  julio 2011

Comunicaciones Libres III
09:30 h. a 09:50 h.Comunicación Oral

Effect of sensorimotor recalibration and feedback variability on the perception of peripersonal space
09:50 h. a 10:10 h.Comunicación Oral

Spatial perception and Motor skills in children
10:10 h. a 10:30 h.Comunicación Oral

Assessing the effect of near-threshold visual distractors on the formation of reaching movements : a Signal Detection Theory analysis of the relation between perceptual and motor responses.
10:45 h. a 11:15 h.Pausa café

.Sesión Plenaria
11:15 h. a 12:15 h.Sesión plenaria

The role of fluency in modern art

Simposium “Perception in art and aesthetic appreciation”
Chairs: , Marcos Nadal
12:15 h. a 12:35 h.Simposio

The fate of visual short-term memory during the course of a magic trick
12:35 h. a 12:55 h.Simposio

The neural correlates of holistic perceptual decision-making: an fMRI study of face perception.
12:55 h. a 13:15 h.Simposio

Towards a sensoriomotor aesthetic of movements
13:15 h. a 13:35 h.Simposio

Aesthetics Appreciation and Neural Synchronization.

Pausa comida
13:45 h. a 15:00 h.Pausa comida

Comunicaciones Libres IV
15:15 h. a 15:35 h.Comunicación Oral

Low level stimulus features determine the first dominance phase in binocular rivalry
15:35 h. a 15:50 h.Comunicación Oral

Amplitude of alpha brain oscillations predicts detection of suprathreshold luminance changes
15:50 h. a 16:15 h.Comunicación Oral

A Feature Independent Neural Substrate for Perceptual Saliency

Sesión Plenaria del CIP y Clausura de Congreso
16:15 h. a 17:00 h.Sesión plenaria

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