Palma (Mallorca) from 25 to 27 October 2007
First Conference of The International Association for Tourism Economics

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General programme, activity sheet

Thursday 25 October, 2007 15:00 to 15:25 Invited Lecture
American Invasion of Europe: Overseas Travel by Americans, 1820-2000
Speaker: Thomas  Weiss, University of Kansas
Discussant: Aree Wiboonpongse, Chiang Mai University, 50200

Authors: Alka Gandhi and Thomas Weiss

Further information:

Submited paper (552 KB)

Tourism demand: times series II
Place: Aula de Graus

Other activities in Tourism demand: times series II
15:25 h. to 16:15 h.Invited Lecture

Time series modelling of tourism demand from the USA, Japan and Malaysia to Thailand

Speaker: Aree Wiboonpongse, Chiang Mai University, 50200
Discussant: Fabio Quintiliani, Bank of Italy - Bologna Branch, Economist
15:50 h. to 16:15 h.Invited Lecture

An econometric analysis of tourism inflow in Curaçao: can Tourism Price Indices help us out?

Speaker: Ernest Berkhout, SEO Economic Research, researcher
Discussant: Thomas  Weiss, University of Kansas
16:15 h. to 16:40 h.Invited Lecture

International Tourism in the Coastal Regions of five Mediterranean Countries

Speaker: Fabio Quintiliani, Bank of Italy - Bologna Branch, Economist
Discussant: Ernest Berkhout, SEO Economic Research, researcher

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