Palma (Mallorca) from 25 to 27 October 2007
First Conference of The International Association for Tourism Economics

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General programme, activity sheet

Thursday 25 October, 2007 15:50 to 16:15 Invited Lecture
Public Investment in Tourism Infrastructure and Regional Economic Growth: The Case of a Proposed New Airport near Eilat, Israel
Speaker: Yaron  Ergas, Ministry of Tourism
Discussant: Adam Blake, University of Nottingham and TTRI, UK

Authors: Yaron Ergas

Further information:

Submited paper (233 KB)

Economic impacts II
Place: Room SB06

Other activities in Economic impacts II
15:00 h. to 15:25 h.Invited Lecture

The Economic Impact of Tourism in Static and Dynamic CGE Models

Speaker: Adam Blake, University of Nottingham and TTRI, UK
Discussant: Yaron  Ergas, Ministry of Tourism
15:25 h. to 15:50 h.Invited Lecture

Effects of Cultural Tourism upon the economy of small and medium-sized European cities

Speaker: Barbara del Corpo, FONDAZIONE ENI ENRICO MATTEI
Discussant: Elisabeth Valle, Universidad de las Islas Baleares
16:15 h. to 16:40 h.Invited Lecture

Economic Impacts of Tourism in Kenya

Speaker: Elisabeth Valle, Universidad de las Islas Baleares
Discussant: Barbara del Corpo, FONDAZIONE ENI ENRICO MATTEI

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