Palma (Mallorca) from 25 to 27 October 2007
First Conference of The International Association for Tourism Economics

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General programme, activity sheet

Thursday 25 October, 2007 12:00 to 12:25 Invited Lecture
Tourism productivity: incentives and obstacles to fostering growth
Speaker: Stefania Lionetti, IRE Università della Svizzera Italiana
Discussant: Nicolas Peypoch, University of Perpignan - GEREM
Discussant: Laurent Botti, IAE / GEREM

Authors: Stefania Lionetti

Further information:

Submited paper (136 KB)

Place: Room SB03

Other activities in Productivity
11:10 h. to 11:35 h.Invited Lecture

The productivity issue in tourism local systems

Speaker: Juan Gabriel Brida, Free University of Bolzano
Speaker: Lionello F. Punzo, Osservatorio per il turismo sostenibile, UNISI, Professor and coordinator
Discussant: Stefania Lionetti, IRE Università della Svizzera Italiana
11:35 h. to 12:00 h.Invited Lecture

A Framework to Analyse Productivity Changes: Theoretical Aspects and Application to the Portuguese Travel Agencies Sector

Speaker: Nicolas Peypoch, University of Perpignan - GEREM
Speaker: Laurent Botti, IAE / GEREM
Discussant: Juan Gabriel Brida, Free University of Bolzano

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