The climate of the Mediterranean region:
understanding its evolution and effects on environment and societies


The conference aims to offer a forum for dissemination and discussion of recent progress in Mediterranean climate research and to integrate expertise and promote exchange of information between climatologists, on the one hand, and hydrologists, ecologists, social scientists, public health experts, economists and agronomists on the other.

The conference topics include the traditional focal points of the MedCLIVAR programme: paleoclimate of the Mediterranean region, synoptic climatology, circulation and mean sea level of the Mediterranean Sea, chemistry and climate, modeling of the Mediterranean climate system and the climate of the Mediterranean region in future climate projections. However, this year, special focus will be given to contributions on Recent development in regional climate models and their evaluation, Climate extreme events and their impacts, Decadal and multi-decadal variability, Seasonal to decadal climate prediction and associated impacts, Global and regional teleconnections, Marine climate projections for the 21st century and associated impacts, Rapid climate change during the Pleistocene, Climate instability during interglacials, Aerosol chemistry, pollution, urbanization and climate.

Session 1 - Paleoclimate of the Mediterranean region

Session 2 - Climate variability, trends and extremes

Session 3 - Regional processes and climate change impacts

Session 4 - Circulation and mean sea level of the Mediterranean Sea

Session 5 - Modeling of the Mediterranean climate system and climate projections

Conveners: Piero Lionello, Ileana Bladé, Isabel Cacho, Damià Gomis, Serge Planton, Elena Xoplaki, Blas Valero

Invited Speakers: Fabio d'Andrea, Alessandro Dell'Aquila, Michel Déqué, Fidel González-Rouco, silvio Gualdi, Jürg Luterbacher, Marta Marcos, Belen Martrat, Tim Osborn, Neils Roberts, Gianmaria Sannino, Andrea Toreti, Ricardo Machado Trigo, Evangelos Tyrlis, Mateo Zampieri.

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