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The 5th HyMeX Workshop will bring together the community of scientists involved in the study of the Mediterranean Water Cycle and linked processes in the context of the HyMeX International Program. The Workshop is intended to promote the exchange of basic knowledge on Water Budget analysis, Hydrology with special emphasis on Extreme Events, Air-Sea interactions and Social Impacts, including Vulnerability, Mitigation and Adaptation Capacity.


Especially for young scientists the workshop appeals to provide a forum to present their work and discuss their contributions with the wide HyMeX community of experts. Also, these annual meetings are devoted to the organization and detailed planning of cross-disciplinary activities and discussion of the International HyMeX program research topics.

The specific objectives of this workshop are:


To publicly review the Science and Implementation Plans
To coordinate the detailed planning of the future observation and modelling operations within the Long-term, Enhanced and Special Observation Periods (LOP, EOP and SOP)
To present and discuss the recent scientific achievements concerning the Mediterranean water cycle.

The organizers are looking forward to cordially welcome you in Menorca!



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