Recommended accommodation


Booking Instructions

  • Please note that conference dates coincide with the peak tourist season in Palma de Mallorca, so we advise you to book well in advance. 
  • We have a limited number of rooms reserved in the hotels offered. Rates are subject to availability.
  • The rooms offered are standard double room (for single use) with breakfast and taxes included. 
  • If you need a special room type, additional services, flights, car rental, and so on, please contact  AGA Travel to arrange your booking.
  • Select the hotel and fill the form, then our agent will contact you to confirm the reservation.


Noemí Torregrosa
Phone +34 971 222292



                          You can also book a room in the Student Residence on the UIB CAMPUS. Please, contact to


  • Innside Palma Center
    Font y Monteros, 23, 07003, Palma de Mallorca
    Single room: € 160.00  Double room: € 175.00
    See complete form      Reservation

  • Hotel Meliá Palas Atenea
    Paseo Ingeniero Gabriel Roca, 29, 07014, Palma
    Single room: € 154.00  Double room: € 169.50
    See complete form      Reservation

  • Hotel Abelux
    Calle Ramon Muntaner, 30, 07003 , Palma de Mallorca
    Single room: € 65.75  Double room: € 89.00
    See complete form      Reservation

  • Hotel Tryp Palma Bellver
    Paseo Marítimo, 11, 07014, Palma
    Single room: € 144.50  Double room: € 159.50
    See complete form      Reservation

  • Hotel Abelay
    Pablo Iglesias, 49, 07004, Palma
    Single room: € 58.00  Double room: € 83.50
    See complete form      Reservation