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Saturday 9 September, 2017


The use of null and overt subjects in narratives by Romanian-Russian and Romanian-Ukrainian bilinguals

Speaker: Laura Mihaela Miros, Universitate din București

Authors: Laura Mihaela Miros

The aim of the present study is to investigate whether there is evidence for cross-linguistic interference effects on subject use in the speech of Romanian - Russian and Romanian-Ukrainian bilingual children. Three groups of children took part in the study: (i) 10 Romanian-Russian bilinguals; (ii) 14 Romanian-Ukrainian bilinguals; (iii) 10 Romanian monolinguals. The corpus consists of frog story narratives in Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian. The results reveal a high rate of overt subjects in both Russian and Ukrainian narratives. The Romanian bilinguals showed a higher rate of overt subjects than their monolingual counterparts. The Romanian-Ukrainian group. The findings show that there are cross-linguistic interference effects on early subject use in accordance with previous studies. The interference direction is from the partial pro-drop to the pro-drop language. The difference between the two bilingual groups with respect to overt subject use in Romanian can be accounted for in terms of language dominance.

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