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Thursday 7 September, 2017


Perceptually driven blocking of palatalization in L1 Greek child speech

Speaker: Ioanna Kappa, University of Crete

Authors: Ioanna Kappa, Nitsa Paracheraki (University of Crete) & Angelos Lengeris (University of Kent)

In this study we analyze the naturalistic, longitudinal production data from one normally developing child (age of 2;06) acquiring Greek as L1 in Crete. The rule of Dorsal palatalization is active in the child’s system if the interacting C-V segments are underlyingly strictly adjacent, e.g /ke/ surfaces as [ce] ‘and’. If the sequence C-V is the result of cluster simplification and subsequent Sonorant reduction of a target /DorsalSonorantV+front/, e.g. /kreváti/→[kəváti] ‘bed’, then the Dorsal palatalization fails to apply. The Sonorant reduction interacts with centralization of the unstressed front vowels and compensatory lengthening of the tautosyllabic front stressed vowels (i.e. in psycholinguistically prominent or strong positions). We claim that the blocking of palatalization is perceptually driven, i.e. the child perceives/has phonologically encoded the target, (non-palatalized) Dorsal obstruent and tries to realize it faithfully, thus resulting in the phonetic change of the (target) vowel value.

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