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Saturday 9 September, 2017


Verb acquisition in monolingual and multilingual children and adults

Speaker: Alexandra Marquis, United Arab Emirates University

Authors: Alexandra Marquis & Phaedra Royle

We investigated whether 162 children and 36 adults that were either monolingual (L1) or multilingual (MUL) speakers of French are sensitive to sub-regular verb conjugation patterns (e.g., Albright, 2002; Clahsen, 1999; Kresh, 2007, 2008; Labelle & Morris, 2011a, b; Yang, 2002). We hypothesized that L1 and MUL participants would process verb inflection patterns differently based on their default status (regular -er verbs), and reliability (e.g., sub-regular -ir verbs) due to less exposure to the language, with children showing lower proficiency than adults. Using an Android application, twenty-four French verbs in the passé composé (perfect past) ending in /e/, /i/, /y/ or other idiosyncratic were elicited. Contrary to our expectations, both language groups show strengths on default patterns and sensitivity to sub-regular verbs. These data show that even though they have lesser exposure to French, MUL children and adults rapidly master (i.e., within 5 years) French verb conjugation patterns to the same level as L1 children and adults in immersive (i.e., school or work) contexts.

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The investigation of the feature inheritance hypothesis in second language acquisition

Speaker: Mutsumi Ogawa, Nihon University
Speaker: Koji Suda, University fo Shizuoka
Speaker: Tomohiko Shirahata, Shizuoka. University


Causal architecture of natural L2 German grammars: Stage-like vs. holistic representation

Speaker: Hyoun-A Joo, Pennsylvania State University


Borrowings in song lyrics in Taiwanese Southern Min

Speaker: Liang Chun Cho, National Cheng Kung University


What Bilingual and Monolingual Acquisition Data can Tell Us about English Direct Objects and Verb Types

Speaker: Qianting Yuan, Universidad de Valladolid


Pragmatic and Linguistic Competence in Scalar Inferencing

Speaker: Francesca Panzeri, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca


The effect of semantic domain of the English noun on gender in Spanish/English DPs

Speaker: Rodrigo Delgado Pacheco, University of Illinois at Chicago


The use of null and overt subjects in narratives by Romanian-Russian and Romanian-Ukrainian bilinguals

Speaker: Laura Mihaela Miros, Universitate din București