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Thursday 7 September, 2017


Why Do Verbs Hardly Move in L2 East Asian Languages?

Speaker: Hyun-Kwon Yang, Seoul National University

Authors: Hyun-Kwon YANG

This study explores why verbs hardly move in L2 acquisition of East Asian languages. It proposes that a tense-carrying category in these languages is syntactically independent of a verb and this allows the former not to be syntactically associated with the latter. In performing this task, the study focuses on empirical data about L2 syntax of tense-carriers of Korean and shows that the non-inevitable verb raising in L2 East Asian languages is traceable to the syntactic independence of a tense-carrying category of the target languages as well as “Merge over Move”: Even though Move is predicted to be allowed by the major hypotheses on verb-movement and has been reported to be available in L2 syntax, Merge, but not Move, is employed to materialize a tense-carrying category of L2 East Asian languages, because this operation is evidenced extensively in the target language input and preferred over Move in language development.

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