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Friday 8 September, 2017


Does eL2 learners’ acquisition pace depend on linguistic properties of a phenomenon?

Speaker: Magdalena Wojtecka, Universität des Saarlandes

Authors: Magdalena Wojtecka

This study investigates whether eL2-children’s acquisition pace differ from that of monolingual children depending on language phenomenon. Tsimpli (2014) assumes that core syntax phenomena are acquired earlier than phenomena involving sematic/pragmatic knowledge in monolingual children. From this acquisition time, acquisition time in eL2-children is predictable. It remains unclear whether linguistic properties affect acquisition pace in eL2-learners. We examined following phenomena: comprehension of verb meaning, wh-questions, and negation, and production of prepositions, conjunctions, and case (LiSe-DaZ, Schulz&Tracy 2011). 29 eL2-children and 45 monolingual children were tested during four test rounds (age at T1: 3;7). Our findings indicate that eL2-learners show a greater acquisition pace than monolingual children only in particular phenomena: verb meaning, wh-questions, prepositions, conjunctions. Notably, not all of these phenomena belong to core syntactic structures as expected by Tsimpli (2014). Similar acquisition pace in both groups was found for phenomena that involve sematic/pragmatic knowledge and are acquired late.

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