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Friday 8 September, 2017


Are there age of onset effects in vowel discrimination? Evidence from Turkish-German bilingual children

Speaker: Julia Hübner, Universität Osnabrück

Authors: Julia Hübner, Angela Grimm

This study examined how age of onset (AoO) and length of exposure (LoE) to a second language (L2) affects the processing of vowel contrasts in early second language (eL2, AoO=2-4) learners. Results of an Eye Tracking study with Turkish-German simultaneous bilingual children and two groups of eL2 learners aged 8 and 10 years are presented. We examined, (Q1) whether eL2 learners differ from age-matched 2L1 learners in the processing of vowel contrasts, and (Q2) if the discrimination of eL2 learners improves with increasing exposure to the L2. Results indicate persistent difficulties for eL2 learners processing non-native vowel contrasts though early AoO. The performances improved with exposure to the L2, however, even after nearly the same LoE as the 2L1 learners, the eL2 children still showed a different processing pattern. Our findings suggest that - at least up to the age of 10 - length of exposure can hardly overrule age of onset effects.

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