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Friday 8 September, 2017


Viewpoint aspect in child Romanian

Speaker: Ioana Stoicescu, Universitate din București

Authors: Ioana Stoicescu

The study investigates the comprehension of viewpoint aspect contrasts by typically-developing Romanian-speaking children aged 3-8. The focus is on the interpretation of sentences including effected object predicates like build a wall, and the Romanian perfective and imperfective pasts. Such predicates have completion entailments with the perfect compus tense (a perfective past), while the imperfect (an imperfective past) depicts ongoing situations, and does not yield the respective entailments. Romanian-speaking children demonstrated full awareness of the perfective-imperfective contrast at age 5 and older, later than reported for languages like Polish or English. This is explained via differences in the tense-aspect systems of the respective languages: in Romanian, the morphological and semantic impact of viewpoint aspect contrasts is visible only in the past tense, unlike English, or Polish.

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