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Saturday 9 September, 2017 18:10 to 18:40

Oral presentation

On the domain specificity of intervention effects in children’s comprehension of relative clauses and coordinate clauses

Speaker: Leticia Sicuro Correa, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

Authors: Leticia M. Sicuro Corrêa

This study focuses on intervention effects in object relative clauses (ORCs) and coordinate clauses (CCs) as a means of approaching the issue of domain specificity. It is argued that while the former can be domain-specific (since strict c-command is involved), the latter more likely stems from a general recency effect (since only precedence applies). The aim of this investigation is to provide some empirical evidence supporting this claim and to discuss the theoretical advantages/disadvantages of restricting minimality accounts to domain specific processes. Two experiments are reported conducted with 7-10 and 3-5 year-old Portuguese-speaking children. Impaired ORC comprehension with spared ability to cope with a memory task that simulates the transient memory load in the comprehension of ORCs was taken as evidence of the domain-specificity of hierarchical intervention. The similar pattern of intervention errors in CCs and recency errors in centre-embedded subject RCs seems to justify interpreting linear intervention as domain-general.

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L1 acquisition - Session VII


Other activities in L1 acquisition - Session VII

17:10 h. to 17:40 h.

Oral presentation

Elided Conjunction in Child Japanese and Its Implications

Speaker: Yoshiki  Fujiwara, University of Connecticut

17:40 h. to 18:10 h.

Oral presentation

The acquisition of implicit control in European Portuguese: Some facts about comprehension

Speaker: Celina Agostinho, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona