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Saturday 9 September, 2017 17:40 to 18:10

Oral presentation

The acquisition of implicit control in European Portuguese: Some facts about comprehension

Speaker: Celina Agostinho, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Authors: Agostinho, Celina and Gavarró, Anna

Landau (2010) argues that implicit objects are syntactically represented, and that they may control PRO. This paper addresses the interpretation of Obligatory Control (OC) complements by children acquiring European Portuguese (EP) when the matrix object is implicit. Previous studies show that children have poor comprehension of control complements of dizer “tell” with an implicit object controller (Gamas 2016), while their comprehension of control complements of promise-type verbs improves sharply when the matrix object is implicit (Mateu 2016). A comprehension task based on McDaniel and Cairns (1990a, b) was developed to elicit referential judgments and applied to 60 children aged 3 to 5 years and 18 adults. Our preliminary results suggest that, although children have high rates of (non-adult) subject control with dizer and an implicit object controller, they are sensitive to the properties of the main verb, especially from the age of 4, and they obey the locality of OC.

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17:10 h. to 17:40 h.

Oral presentation

Elided Conjunction in Child Japanese and Its Implications

Speaker: Yoshiki  Fujiwara, University of Connecticut

18:10 h. to 18:40 h.

Oral presentation

On the domain specificity of intervention effects in children’s comprehension of relative clauses and coordinate clauses

Speaker: Leticia Sicuro Correa, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro