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Saturday 9 September, 2017 16:00 to 16:30

Oral presentation

Syntactic problems in German children with Down syndrome: evidence from wh-questions

Speaker: Eva Wimmer, Universität zu Köln

Authors: Eva Wimmer, Bernadette Witecy, Martina Penke

A controversial issue in the research field of language development in Down syndrome (DS) is to what extent children with DS are able to produce and comprehend complex syntactic structures. Another issue of debate is if syntactic problems are restricted to specific syntactic movement operations, as suggested by some researchers. We investigated the comprehension and production of wh-questions in a group of 23 German children and adolescents with DS and a group of 20 typically developing (TD) children matched on mental age (mean MA: DS 4;6 years; TD: 4;4 years). The results suggest that DS is not necessarily associated with deficits in acquiring wh-movement structures. However, a deficit in syntactic development occurs in a substantial proportion of children with DS and cannot simply be attributed to their general cognitive delay. The data moreover show that limitations in phonological working memory, as measured by nonword repetition, might contribute to syntactic problems.

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Language pathology and language impairment - Session VI

Other activities in Language pathology and language impairment - Session VI

15:00 h. to 15:30 h.

Oral presentation

L1, L2, 2L1 and SLI: a Pilot Study on the Acquisition of German Dative Case Marking

Speaker: Anna-Lena Scherger, Universität Hildesheim

15:30 h. to 16:00 h.

Oral presentation

Computational complexity and error typology on sentence repetition in children with ASD: is there a phenotypical SLI profile?

Speaker: Silvia Silleresi, Université François Rabelais De Tours

16:30 h. to 17:00 h.

Oral presentation

Heterogeneity of morphosyntactic abilities in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (also in comparison with Specific Language Impairment)

Speaker: Flavia  Adani, Universität Potsdam