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Saturday 9 September, 2017 10:30 to 11:00

Oral presentation

Pronominal Use in Late L1 Attrition and Near-native L2 Acquisition: The Case of Pro-drop L1 Bulgarian and Non-pro-drop L2 German

Speaker: Dobrinka Genevska-Hanke, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

Authors: Dobrinka Genevska-Hanke

This paper reports on two studies – a) one of late L1-attrition in an L1-Bulgarian/near-native (late/adult) L2-German speaker (long-term German resident) and b) an L2 study of 20 adult L1-Bulgarian/near-native (late) L2-German speakers. Both studies focus on the syntax-discourse interface by studying the use of pronominal subjects in a pro-drop (L1)/non-pro-drop (L2) constellation. Interface syntax has been claimed problematic in similar cases, namely for attrited L1-Italian/L2-English and L1-English/near-native L2-Italian speakers (Sorace&Filiaci 2006). However, recent studies indicate this attrition to be temporary since L1 knowledge can be reactivated after short re-exposure to L1 (Chamorro et al. 2015, Genevska-Hanke 2017a). Our results confirm the temporariness of late L1-attrition and that near-native L2 and native performance differ. The fact that expletive subjects are problematic shows that not only interface but also narrow syntax is affected. Overall, the results indicate that the Interface Hypothesis (Sorace 2005) needs modifications to explain effects of L1-attrition and L2-acquisition.

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L2 acquisition / Others - Session V


Other activities in L2 acquisition / Others - Session V

09:00 h. to 09:30 h.

Oral presentation

Acquisition of passive and impersonal se by Dutch L2 learners of Spanish

Speaker: Sergio Baauw, Universiteit Utrecht

09:30 h. to 10:00 h.

Oral presentation

Production and perception of focus in L1 Spanish/L2 Basque speakers

Speaker: Maria del Mar Vanrell Bosch, Universitat de les Illes Balears

10:00 h. to 10:30 h.

Oral presentation

Interpreting evidentiality in non evidential languages: L2 Spanish by L1 French speakers

Speaker: Jose Amenos Pons, Universidad Complutense de Madrid