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Friday 8 September, 2017

Oral presentation

Code switching within the DP with Basque/Spanish data

Speaker: Jon Robledo, University of Illinois at Chicago
Speaker: Irati de Nicolas, University of Illinois at Chicago

Authors: Irati de Nicolás and Jon Robledo

The present study examines the relative order of adjectives and nouns within a code-switched DP among Basque/Spanish bilinguals. Several hypotheses have been considered on what determines word order in code-switching DPs: is this a property defined by the determiner (Bartlett, 2012), the adjective (Cantone & MacSwan, 2009) or the noun (Müller, 2012)? We propose a new look at the problem by using code-switching of Basque/Spanish, two languages whose typological properties in this respect partially overlap. The Basque adjective is rigidly post-nominal, while Spanish adjectives range from obligatory pre-nominal to obligatory post-nominal. A total of 25 Basque/Spanish bilinguals carried out an acceptability judgment task in which they rated Basque/Spanish mixed DPs. We found that neither the N nor the D seems to determine the word order in Basque/Spanish code-switched DPs. Furthermore, the study showed that the adjective is responsible for word order in these contexts, which confirms Cantone & MacSwan (2009).

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16:40 - 18:40 / Workshop 1 - “Code switching and bilingualism”


Other activities in 16:40 - 18:40 / Workshop 1 - “Code switching and bilingualism”

Plenary Lecture

Linguistic theory, lexical access and language acquisition accounts of code-switching preferences: now they converge… now they don’t

Speaker: Juana Liceras, University of Ottawa / Universidad Nebrija

Oral presentation

Phonological spell-out of Spanish/English word internal code-switching

Speaker: Sara Stefanich, University of Illinois at Chicago