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Friday 8 September, 2017

Oral presentation

A comparison between adult heritage speakers and L1 attrited speakers on Italian answering strategies

Speaker: Irene Caloi, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

Authors: Irene Caloi, Adriana Belletti, Cecilia Poletto

This study investigates how different forms of multilingual knowledge shape syntactic phenomena that are the reflex of discourse related conditions, i.e. answering strategies to question prompting New Information Subjects (NIS). The population types under investigation are adult Heritage Speakers (HE; heritage language: Italian; majority language: German) and speakers undergoing L1 attrition (AT; L1: Italian; L2: German). Participants watch 22 short videos and listen to 34 questions that trigger answers with NISs; their output is recorded and analyzed according to the verb type in the question/answer pair. The produced answers are all grammatical; however, performance profiles reflect neither MonoL1 nor complete transfer from German. Both population under investigation transfer the German-like SV strategy into Italian, independently of their form of multilingualism (HE/AT). The results reveal that multilingual proficiency determines an increased variety of adopted answering strategies in use to convey the intended discourse content.

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