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Friday 8 September, 2017

Oral presentation

Input overrides attrition: Verb agreement of developing L2 and heritage Spanish bilinguals in dual immersion

Speaker: Julia Herschensohn, Univeristy of Washington
Speaker: Ana Fernandez Dobao, University of Washington

Authors: Ana Fernández-Dobao, Julia Herschensohn

Early bilinguals may gain native-like grammatical competence, but amount of input is a critical factor for both heritage language (HL) and child second language (cL2) learners (Meisel 2011, Cuza & Frank 2015). Earlier research on HL showing asymmetric grammatical competence (compared to majority language) has focused on adult bilinguals (Montrul 2016), not the developing child. We provide a snapshot of childhood morphology development in our investigation of two profiles of Spanish-English bilinguals (age 9-10) in a dual immersion (50%-50%) academic setting in USA, HL (n=21) and cL2 (n=33) Spanish. Comprehension (one task) and production (two tasks) data from present tense verb agreement (3-sg-pl) show no asymmetry in HL mastery of Spanish inflection, unlike significantly different cL2 bilinguals, who nevertheless show robust morphology. HL outperform L2 children and show verbal accuracy comparable to controls, while L2 learners show developing verbal inflection at over 75% accuracy and typical overregularization.

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08:30 - 11:30 / Workshop 4 - “Formal Perspectives in the Acquisition of Minority Languages”

Other activities in 08:30 - 11:30 / Workshop 4 - “Formal Perspectives in the Acquisition of Minority Languages”

Oral presentation

Another look at pronominal resolution in bilinguals. Evidence from Portuguese -German and Portuguese-Spanish bilingual children and teenagers.

Speaker: Esther Rinke, Goethe University
Speaker: Cristina Flores, Universidade do Minho

Oral presentation

Comparing Spanish Heritage Speakers with Different Dominant Languages: the Influence from Dutch and English on Subject Position.

Speaker: Aafke Hulk, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Speaker: Brechje van Osch, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Oral presentation

Semantic universals in the article choice of heritage speakers

Speaker: Gulsen Yilmaz, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Plenary Lecture

Gradient representations: Consequences for acquisition and maintenance

Speaker: Michael Putnam, Penn State University