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Thursday 7 September, 2017 18:40 to 19:10

Oral presentation

On Semantic Coercion in Children's Raising and Passives

Speaker: William Snyder, University of Connecticut
Speaker: Emma Nguyen, University of Connecticut

Authors: William Snyder & Emma Nguyen

In their account of why the be-passives of certain non-actional verbs are dramatically delayed in children acquiring English, Snyder & Hyams (2015) adopt an idea from Gehrke & Grillo (2009): for those non-actional verbs that children still fail to passivize, the problem is that the children cannot yet perform a step of "semantic coercion" that these verbs require before they can passivize. But it is unclear how to extend the Gehrke & Grillo story to the findings by Orfitelli (2012). Specifically, Orfitelli found a tight correspondence between any given child's ability to comprehend the passives of pure stative verbs; and the same child's ability to comprehend a raising-past-experiencer construction with “seem”. We extend Gehrke & Grillo’s account, based on Pinker (1989), by proposing that a similar type of semantic coercion is needed for raising-past-experiencer constructions and that children are delayed in these, and also on the passives of stubbornly stative verbs, because they are late to master semantic coercion.

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L1 acquisition - Session III


Other activities in L1 acquisition - Session III

18:10 h. to 18:40 h.

Oral presentation

RIs in L1 and 2L1 acquisition and the issue of interlinguistic influence: Are we comparing apples and oranges?

Speaker: Juana Liceras, University of Ottawa / Universidad Nebrija

17:40 h. to 18:10 h.

Oral presentation

How children deal with word order variation in the input: Evidence from elicited repetition of embedded clauses in German

Speaker: Emanuela Sanfelici, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

17:10 h. to 17:40 h.

Oral presentation

Omission of Prepositions in Production is Linked to Online Comprehension Difficulties

Speaker: Natalia Mitrofanova, Norges Arktiske Universitet