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Thursday 7 September, 2017 18:10 to 18:40

Oral presentation

RIs in L1 and 2L1 acquisition and the issue of interlinguistic influence: Are we comparing apples and oranges?

Speaker: Juana Liceras, University of Ottawa / Universidad Nebrija

Authors: Juana M. Liceras, Raquel Fernández Fuertes

In this paper, we address the nature of Root Infinitives (RIs) in English and Spanish early grammars. Our standpoint is that not all the forms analyzed as RIs are similar since RIs in Spanish have an infinitival marker (–R in yo poneR), while in English they are bare forms (Eve sit(_)). This has bearing on how interlinguistic influence may influence the bilingual RI stage as it compares to the monolingual one. Based on the weak lexical transparency of the person [+P] feature and the infinitival marker ([+R]) feature bared by Spanish infinitival forms as well as the fact that English RIs are bare forms, we argue that no interlinguistic influence occurs from English into Spanish and that no facilitation occurs either from Spanish into English even if the projection of the adult grammar in this domain (verbal inflection) occurs sooner in Spanish than in English.

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L1 acquisition - Session III


Other activities in L1 acquisition - Session III

17:40 h. to 18:10 h.

Oral presentation

How children deal with word order variation in the input: Evidence from elicited repetition of embedded clauses in German

Speaker: Emanuela Sanfelici, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

17:10 h. to 17:40 h.

Oral presentation

Omission of Prepositions in Production is Linked to Online Comprehension Difficulties

Speaker: Natalia Mitrofanova, Norges Arktiske Universitet

18:40 h. to 19:10 h.

Oral presentation

On Semantic Coercion in Children's Raising and Passives

Speaker: William Snyder, University of Connecticut
Speaker: Emma Nguyen, University of Connecticut