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Thursday 7 September, 2017 15:30 to 16:00

Oral presentation

A Corpus Study of the Distribution of Possessives in Child and Adult Emirati Arabic

Speaker: Dimitrios Ntelitheos, United Arab Emirates University

Authors: Dimitrios Ntelitheos

I present a corpus study of child Emirati Arabic (EA) possessives supporting work showing that frequency-based accounts do not make the right predictions on order of possession acquisition. I show that the development of construct state (CS) and analytic (AG) possessives in EA goes through stages of maturation before reaching target-like levels of frequency. An adult corpus shows that the CS is used in 16.4% of the total number of possessive structures of EA, while the AG is used in only 1.5%. An examination of child-directed speech, shows that adults use less CS and more AG structures compared to adult-to-adult interactions, indicating sensitivity to the complexity of the CS. However, children at the early stages of acquisition (24-48 months) produce predominately AG structures. In later stages (49-60 months) the percentage of CS structures increases to levels of child-directed adult speech while the frequency of AG decreases.

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L1 acquisition - Session II

Other activities in L1 acquisition - Session II

15:00 h. to 15:30 h.

Oral presentation

The acquisition of 'bridging' tested in a coloring task

Speaker: Jasmijn Bosch, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Speaker: Manuela Pinto, Universiteit Utrecht
Speaker: Shalom Zuckerman, Universiteit Utrecht

16:00 h. to 16:30 h.

Oral presentation

Japanese 2-year-olds' Use of Multiple Cues in Verb Acquisition

Speaker: Ayumi Matsuo, Kobe College

16:30 h. to 17:00 h.

Oral presentation

Acquisition of Clausal Comparatives by Parameter Setting

Speaker: Ryosuke Hattori, University of Connecticut