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Thursday 7 September, 2017 15:00 to 15:30

Oral presentation

Querer ‘want’ and dizer ‘tell to’ in EP: obviation and control

Speaker: Filomena Gamas, Universidade de Lisboa
Speaker: Ana Lúcia Santos, Universidade de Lisboa

Authors: Filomena Gamas, Inês Duarte, Ana Lúcia Santos

We compare the acquisition of obviation and object control readings of an embedded subject in complements to the directive verb dizer ‘tell to’, both in contexts with an explicit or an implicit indirect object acting as controller / potential antecedent. In this context, the preferential reading in obviation contexts (subjunctive complements) is equivalent to the control reading (indirect object control) in infinitive complements. We present the results of a reference judgment task applied to 90 monolingual children acquiring European Portuguese (3 to 4; 5 to 6; 7 to 8 years old) and to a control group of 18 adults. Our results show a complex pattern: they suggest that children do not treat the indicative and the subjunctive mood alike, although they do not behave target-like. We discuss the fact that in the contexts with an implicit indirect object in the matrix clause, children significantly deviate from the adult answer pattern.

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L1 acquisition - Session II


Other activities in L1 acquisition - Session II

15:30 h. to 16:00 h.

Oral presentation

Aiming high: children's knowledge of absolute and relative readings of superlatives

Speaker: Lyn Tieu, Macquarie University

16:00 h. to 16:30 h.

Oral presentation

Featural mismatches and the comprehension of relative clauses in French: Comparing gender and number

Speaker: Stephanie Durrleman, Université de Genève

16:30 h. to 17:00 h.

Oral presentation

Children’s interpretation of epistemic modals in Dutch: a look at hoeven

Speaker: Vincenzo Moscati, Università degli Studi di Siena
Speaker: Luisa Meroni, Universiteit Utrecht