Palma (Mallorca) from 27 to 29 June 2016
I International Conference:
The (politics of) translation (of politics)

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Monday 27 June, 2016 15:20 to 15:40 Oral Communication
Translator training and the revitalization of a minority language
Speaker: Päivi Kuusi, University of Eastern Finland

Authors: Päivi Kuusi

In Translation Studies, research on minority language translation has evolved around the questions of power and inequality. Scholars have pointed out that the role of translation in minority contexs is highly ambiguous (Cronin 2003, Branchadell & West 2005). Translation may help to sustain a minority language, but it can also expose it to strong foreign influence (interference). For a minority language, translation is a two-edged sword, with a potential to both revitalize the language and threaten its very specificity. A key factor in coping with this two-edged quality of translation is translator training. In the proposed paper, I will reflect on the role of translator training in the revitalization of the Karelian language, a minority language traditionally spoken in Eastern Finland and the Russian Republic of Karelia. Gaining awareness of the ambiguous potential of translation will equip minority language translators to control interference, either by inhibiting it altogether or by directing it to the level where the target language needs innovation (Toury 1985). This will enable translators to employ the full potential of translation for both preserving and developing the language. I will be drawing on translation theory and my own experiences as a lecturer and instructor in an ongoing language revitalization project (2015-2018), funded by the Kone foundation and located at the University of Eastern Finland. In the project, translator training is used for revitalizing the Karelian language by offering short training courses in professional translation for both university students and practicing translators of Karelian.

Päivi Kuusi is a senior lecturer in Russian Language and Translation at the University of Eastern Finland. Previously, she has taught translation and interpreting from Russian into Finnish at the University of Tampere, Finland, where she completed her PhD in Translation Studies (Russian) in 2011. Currently, Kuusi is doing post-doctoral research on minority language translation. Her research interests include also narratological analysis of literary translations and translation universals. Additionally, Kuusi is teaching in a language revitalization project, where translator training is used for revitalizing the endangered Karelian language.
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Session B1
Place: Room 4

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