Palma (Mallorca) from 27 to 29 June 2016
I International Conference:
The (politics of) translation (of politics)

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Tuesday 28 June, 2016 12:00 to 12:20 Oral Communication
Literary translation and “the decolonization of the imagination”
Speaker: Zsuzsanna Csikai, University of Pécs, Hungary

Authors: Zsuzsanna Csikai

Literary translation and “the decolonization of the imagination” My paper aims to explore the ways in which in the 1980s and 1990s in Ireland literary translation into Irish-English functions as resistance to the remnants of British cultural dominance. I examine Irish playwrights’ mediated translations of plays by the modern Russian classic, Anton Chekhov, where one of the underlying motive of producing distinctly Hibernicized translations was to displace the existing Standard English translations, and through this act of translation to refuse even the residue of the former colonizer’s role as cultural intermediary. Thus, translating Chekhov into Hiberno-English is an act of resistance aiming to achieve genuine cultural independence and cultural self-assurance through what Brian Friel calls “the decolonization process of the imagination.”

Zsuzsanna Csikai is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English Literatures and Cultures, University of Pécs, Hungary. She completed her PhD on translations and adaptations of Chekhov’s plays for the contemporary Irish stage and has published articles on this topic. Her academic interests include Irish drama, Irish culture, and Translation Studies.
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Session E2
Place: Room 4

Other activities in Session E2
12:20 h. to 12:40 h.Oral Communication

Politics interpreted on screen. A corpus-based investigation on the interpretation of televised presidential debates

Speaker: Eugenia Dal Fovo, University of Trieste
12:40 h. to 13:00 h.Oral Communication

"This show does not represent the views of the artists”: The “Arabian Street Artists,” Homeland, and transdiegetic translational activist narrative

Speaker: Anna Strowe, University of Manchester
13:00 h. to 13:15 h.Discussion


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