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Friday 9 September, 2016 11:00 to 11:30 Oral presentation
Planning structure in dyslexic children
Speaker: Olga Soler Vilageliu, UAB- Transmedia Catalonia

Authors: Olga Soler Vilageliu, Yanina Malki Conesa

Research on pauses and bursts along the writing process is a useful tool to explore text planning in both handwriting and typing (Alves et al, 2008). This methodology has been used to test writing planning in children with specific writing difficulties such as language specific impairment (Connelly et al., 2012). In our study we aimed to explore planning structure in dyslexic children. We compared text length, amount of pauses, and bursts mean length produced by 30 children at 3rd course of Primary school. Half of these children had been diagnosed as dyslexic and the rest had a standard writing development. All of them attended the same public school in Barcelona and were tested individually in a quiet room. They were required to write a text on a paper sheet attached to a digitiser, following a simple instruction (“Write about your favourite TV series”), and wrote for a period of three minutes until the experimenter told them to stop. On line measures were recorded by DUCTUS (Guinet & Kandel, 2010), a semiautomated software application designed to study handwriting. Our data show significant differences between both groups. Dyslexic children produced shorter texts, paused more often and their bursts contained less words than the texts of stardard developing children. These results confirm that dyslexia is a condition that compromises not only the quality of writing but also the whole planning processing that leads to it.
Sign and writing language development
Place: Room A-16

Other activities in Sign and writing language development
10:30 h. to 11:00 h.Oral presentation

Influence of lexical abilities on written language development

Speaker: Annegret Klassert, University of Potsdam
10:00 h. to 10:30 h.Oral presentation

Gesture comprehension, imitation and working memory in LI

Speaker: Kristine Jensen de López, Aalborg University