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Divendres 9 de setembre de 2016 13:00 a 13:30 Presentació oral
The Relationship between Developing Linguistic Competence and Developing Strategic Competence in Foreign Language Oral Performance: a Study of Tunisian EFL Learners
Autors: Chokri Smaoui

This study is concerned with oral interlanguage development in a foreign language context (first year university students of English). More precisely, it deals with the relationship between linguistic competence (operationalized as complexity, fluency and accuracy) and strategic competence (operationalized as the use of various strategies of communication) as they both develop through time ( a period of 18 months in the present study). Assessment of the linguistic side was made by means of two methods, one analytic and the other holistic. The analytic method consisted in the use of the AS-unit, while the holistic evaluation was done by a panel of experienced teachers of English. The strategic side, on the other hand, was studied through an adaptation of Faerch and Kasper’s (1983a) framework of communication strategies. The major findings to be reported are to the effect that performance in the two pairs of recordings is extremely fluctuating. This was found to be operating both at an intra-variable level, i.e. progress in some dimensions and either stagnation or regression in others inside the very same variable (e.g. accuracy), and at an inter-variable level, such that, for example, progress in fluency is paralleled with deterioration in complexity. It was concluded that there were some ‘favoured fields of progress’ characteristic of the individual subjects. Concerning the strategic side, it was found that development varies from one learner to another. It was also found that, despite some general trends of change such as the preference for generalizations then paraphrases, there was a lot of variability related to strategy use. The paper ends with some practical suggestions for classroom implementation pertaining both to the linguistic side and the strategic side.
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