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Divendres 9 de setembre de 2016 10:00 a 10:30 Presentació oral
Gesture comprehension, imitation and working memory in LI
Exposa: Kristine Jensen de López, Aalborg University

Autors: Kristine Jensen de López & Pia Bundgaard

Botting et al. (2010) reported delay in comprehension of gesture-word statements for children with language impairment (LI) compared to age-matched peers, whereas gesture imitation in children was intact. Response patterns produced by children with LI differed from that of the typically developing (TD) children and was explained due to a deficit working memory. The purpose of the current study was to replicate these results with older children with LI acquiring Danish. We adapted the experimental procedure used in the Botting et al study, but also added a measure of working memory. Nine Danish children with LI and nine typically developing Danish children age 10 years participated in adapted versions of the gesture-word comprehension task and the gesture imitation task. The children were in addition assessed on their verbal and non-verbal working memory (Out-One-Out, Listening Span and Fluency). The children with LI performed significantly worse than their peers on the comprehension task and the gesture imitation task. Errors produced in the comprehension were predominantly semantic errors for both groups. Correlation analyses showed significant positive associations between verbal working memory and gesture-word comprehension, but not for non-verbal working memory. Gesture imitation was not significantly associated with any of the working memory measures. The results partly replicate the results from the British study with older children acquiring a different language, hence the cross-linguistic results suggest that children with LI are challenged in their abilities to understand language accompanied by symbolic gestures. The results have important implications for intervention with children with LI.
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