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Divendres 9 de setembre de 2016 11:00 a 11:30 Presentació oral
The role of weekly ‘mother tongue instruction’ on the development of biliteracy: Evidence from Portuguese-Swedish and Somali-Swedish speaking students in the early school years.
Exposa: Mary-Anne Eliasson, Stockholm University

Autors: Natalia Ganuza, Christina Hedman & Mary-Anne Eliasson

This paper is based on data from a project that investigates the role of weekly mother tongue instruction (henceforth MTI) on the development of biliteracy in a Swedish context. MTI refers here to the teaching of minority languages as a subject, as Swedish legislation obliges schools to offer MTI to all students who have a legal guardian with a mother tongue other than Swedish, if they have basic knowledge of the language in question and the language is used for daily communication in the home. At present, about 23% of the students in compulsory school are entitled to MTI, and the teaching is offered in more than a hundred different languages. Nevertheless, MTI has struggled with problems of implementation over the years. For example, the subject tends to be restricted to only 40 minutes per week and it has been questioned whether such a restricted teaching practice can have an impact on the development of the ‘mother tongue’. Notwithstanding, in an earlier study we were able to show that Somali MTI had a positive impact on the development of basic literacy skills as well as on vocabulary growth in Somali for Somali-Swedish speaking students, and indirectly also on their development of comparative competencies in Swedish. The earlier study was based on the results of approximately 100 Somali-Swedish speaking students in grades 1–6, who were tested on reading and vocabulary in Somali and Swedish. In this paper, we will scrutinize the conclusions made in the earlier study, and compare these to the results from a new data set with approximately 30 Portuguese-Swedish speaking primary school students, using the same reading and vocabulary tests as before. Half of the Portuguese-Swedish students have participated in Portuguese MTI for several years throughout primary school whereas the other half has not participated in MTI.
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