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Dijous 8 de setembre de 2016 18:00 a 18:30 Presentació oral
Sentence comprehension in autism
Exposa: Zhao Zhao, Hiroshima University

Autors: Peng Zhou, Stephen Crain

Two studies were conducted to investigate how high-functioning children with autism use different linguistic cues in sentence comprehension. Two types of linguistic cues were investigated: word order cues and morphosyntactic cues. The studies included 75 four- and five-year-old children with autism and 80 age-matched typically developing children. The results show that children with autism were sensitive to both word order and morphosyntactic cues in sentence comprehension. However, compared to age-matched typically developing peers, children with autism relied significantly more on word order cues and exhibited significantly more difficulties in interpreting sentences in which there was a conflict between the morphosyntactic cue and the word order cue (Experiment 1). We propose that the difficulties experienced by the children with autism are due to their problems in revising the interpretation that had been initiated by the word order cue, when they heard the morphosyntactic cue later in the sentence. This proposal was evaluated in Experiment 2, where the morphosyntactic cue appeared earlier than the word order cue, and the use of the morphosyntactic cue led to the correct interpretation of the sentence. In this case, children with autism were able to use the morphosyntactic cue as effectively as their age-matched typically developing peers. We then discuss the implications of the findings for understanding the nature of the sentence processing mechanism in children with autism.
Dificultats en el desenvolupament del llenguatge
Lloc: Aula B-11

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17:00 h. a 17:30 h.Presentació oral

Denominación en niños con Trastorno específico del lenguaje (TEL)

Exposa: Guzmán Pisón del Real, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Exposa: Carlos Gallego López, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
17:30 h. a 18:00 h.Presentació oral

Incidencia y factores de riesgo de retraso del lenguaje en niños prematuros sanos: un estudio longitudinal de los 10 a los 60 meses de edad.

Exposa: Mariela Resches Zlotnik, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
18:30 h. a 19:00 h.Presentació oral

Alteración del lenguaje en Trastorno del Espectro Autista

Exposa: Rosanna Marí Vico, CDIAP Baula