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Dimecres 7 de setembre de 2016 11:30 a 12:00 Presentació oral
Study on lexis, morphosyntax and reading in the EMI classroom
Exposa: Helena Roquet Pugès, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Autors: Helena Roquet

STUDY ON LEXIS, MORPHOSYNTAX AND READING IN THE EMI CLASSROOM This study seeks to measure the linguistic impact of a specific EFL learning context, i.e. content courses such as Finances or Business, taught through the medium of English, in the case of advanced higher education EFL learners. Courses which take such an approach have been lately labelled English-Medium Instruction (EMI) courses, a term adopted in this study. By linguistic impact we mean impact on proficiency in lexis, morphosyntax and reading with two tests (a vocabulary and a cloze test tapping on morphosyntax/reading). The present study is part of a larger one that also measures pragmatics, mostly at a productive level, and non-linguistic variables. The study has benefited from the fact that we have at hand EMI data of two sorts: an EMI programme which we call ‘full immersion’, as the entire degree is taught through the medium of English, corresponding to the International Business English (IBE) degree at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (UPF); another EMI programme in which only approximately half of the courses in the degree are EMI courses. This allows for a comparison of these two groups, an immersion group (IM) and a semi-immersion group (SIM). We also have participants from the same School of Economics who don’t experience EMI. Thus, the latter belong to the control group and the former, the two experimental groups. Students are ranked for their onset proficiency level when data are collected (by means of the Quick Oxford Placement Test). The majority of the participants (N= 60; mean Age=19) are Catalan/Spanish bilinguals, although 9 percent of the students in our sample reported a first language other than Catalan or Spanish. Students are following their 1st, and 3rd. year in their degree. The study includes data from two data collection times (June and November 2015) and will also include data from a third data collection time so as to measure progress longitudinally (June 2016). Results obtained so far indicate the existence of significant differences.
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